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Good Morning, Sweeties….Here we are at Weight Watcher Wednesday #3. For Easter, I am going to be making Skinny Scalloped Potato Gratin to go with the Ham I am baking.  This recipe is from Skinnytaste. All of Gina’s recipes are weight watcher friendly and has everything figured out for you. Hard for me to imagine eating scalloped potatoes and losing weight. Isn’t Life Fabulous ? Really. I wish you could smell this potatoes. A mix of potatoes, cheese, thyme and garlic and the Taste is just Heavenly.

I was originally going to make mashed potatoes but I wanted to bump up the presentation and Wow factor of my meal. We can always have mashed potatoes but not often do I go to the trouble to make scalloped potatoes.   This recipe is so much easier than traditional scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin, so I will probably be making these a lot more  in the future.  The browning of the potatoes in the oven and the cheese will give more color to my  menu. I haven’t told the family all the recipes are Weight Watchers approved and points calculated and I am not going to. It will just be good food and time spent with family.  What could be better?

scalloped potatoes gratin

Have you started planning your menu for Easter dinner? What are you having? I would love to hear, so please share. If you like what I have shared with you today, please consider subscribing so you don’t miss a thing.  Have a Fabulous Day!

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