Good Afternoon, Sweeties….This is Unfinished Projects Update #1. I have finished the first box of unfinished projects. 34 individual pieces finished and 1 empty box. The empty boxes are great for helping to organize without buying something new. This box I am using to hold my glue gun, glue pot and glue sticks. No more looking all over to find them when I need them. I am so thrilled. It has inspired me to keep moving forward. An added bonus I wasn’t expecting was stitching time is a great time to Pray. Your hands are occupied but your mind is not, so praying was the perfect solution.



Next up on my journey to finish all of my unfinished projects is to tackle crochet projects. It has been cold here in Northern Nevada so it is the ideal time to work on a few afghans. Finishing a project and keeping warm at the same time, win..win.

I have an update on the sourdough starter I will be posting Monday. I finally admitted the starter was just not going to become yeasty on its own so I added a 1/2 cup of my older active starter to it (you can also add a package of yeast) and now it is bubbly, yeasty and ready to make bread.

I am going to be working on some tutorials of some of my projects as soon as I can. I am a little afraid to take on anything new because #1 it might derail my progress on this journey and #2 I am afraid it will turn into an unfinished project. Tutorials are in the future. Stay tuned.

So back to work. See you on Monday. Have a Great Weekend.


Corra do anois (Bye for now)


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