Pieced Quilt

Good Morning, Sweeties….How is Everyone doing today? The past few days have been windy and rainy, plus a little cold. The Unfinished Projects I have been working on has been the perfect solution for this weather. I have been needing to repair the binding on a quilt my great-aunt Maggie made back in the 40s. It is made with the good parts of worn out men’s shirts. All hand sewn, no machine work. At first I had planned on just zigzagging around the edge.

Quilt Repair

It seemed wrong to add machine stitching to this lovely hand made quilt. I decided to do a small and tight blanket stitch around the edge to mend the binding. It has been very relaxing hand stitch on the quilt. I have thought alot about my aunt , my grandparents and my parents. They have all gone to heaven and I miss them, but they seemed so much closer to me as I stitched on the quilt. I want this quilt to last as long as possible. To preserve it and the love that went into making it. I am sure this was an utilitarian quilt, not fancy, but for everyday use, it is still beautiful to me.  The fact that it has lasted this long is amazing.

Do you have any piece from your family’s past? Tell me about them. I would love to hear. ┬áHave a Fabulous Day!

God Bless You and Yours;


UPDATE (May 4, 2015) Now that I have lived with the repair on the quilt for a few days, although it is repaired, I do not like the look of it. So I have decided that this coming winter, if and when we have some snowy days, I am going to be doing a black decorative stitch around the edge. Just wanted you to know.