good morning


Good Morning, Friends. It feels so good to be back with you. Thank you for your comments and well wishes all these months. I really never intended for my break to be so long.  I thank you for hanging in there with me.

On Earth Day of 2015, I posted about making reusable dryer sheet.  I did some reading on the internet  and, of course, on Pinterest. I found this article by Krista at Far From Normal about making your own reusable dryer sheets.  Since I have flannel, vinegar, and lavender oil.  I did make them and have been using them ever since.  But I have ran into a problem. I am having a real problem with static electricity. There is usually a problem with static electricity here in Northern Nevada in the winter, because of our low humidity. This goes way beyond normal.

Since I shared the making of reusable dryer sheets with you, I felt it was only fair, I  share with you the problem I am having. I am looking for a solution and hope to find one soon. As soon as I do find the solution, I will share it with you. I have tried using more sheets per dryer load. It helped some but not enough. Google is our friend and I am hoping with more research I can find the answer.

If anyone made and are using homemade dryer sheets and has an answer, please share.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Have a Fabulous Day and I will talk to you soon.