Lemon Curd

Good Morning, Sweeties…. Remember last week when I make the Limoncello, I used just the peelings. I had 10 large lemons I was not going to let go to waste. I juiced all the lemons and made Lemon Curd. I Love Lemon Curd. It is my favorite for toast, scones or biscuits. The velvety, slightly sweet, lemony taste. Heavenly.

I used this recipe for Lemon Curd from AllRecipes.com. I had to increase the ingredients in the  recipe to accommodate the juice I got from the 10 lemon I had. I ended up making 2 pints and 2 half-pints of lemon curd. I gave my daughters the half-pints at Easter.


If you love lemons and have never tried lemon curd, because you thought it was only for scones and tea….it is time to try it on your toast or biscuits. You will love it.

How is everyone’s Tuesday going? Here in Northern Nevada, the weather is a bit funky. Very windy and the weather people are talking, rain or snow flurries..but we will see. I have dinner in the crock pot and I am going to be doing some sewing today. I will share my project in a few days. Anything to stay indoors out of the wind. Sweeties…have a Fabulous day.

Corra do Anois;


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