I recently started a batch of Homemade Limoncello. The perfect little drink to sip on the front porch with the girlfriends on a hot summer afternoon. The hot summer days are coming, really! A bottle with a pretty ribbon will make a beautiful gift.

It is a lovely end to an evening. Lemony, semi-sweet, ice cold served in a sweet small sipping glass. I couldn’t find the recipe I had been saving for years to make this, so I went searching on the internet. I found a wonderful recipe for Limoncello at The Kitchn.

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Peeling 10 lemons takes awhile, but when that is done, the rest is easy.  My Limoncello will not be ready for a couple more weeks. The longer you wait, the more lemon flavor it will have.  I will be letting  it sit for a month. I want it to be very lemony.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I had some much fun. Having all my grandchildren together was fabulous and now my house is too quiet.  How was your Easter?


Have a Fabulous Tuesday!!

Corra do Anois;


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