Good Morning, Friends….I know, I know. It’s Tuesday and I missed Friday. So sorry, but I found out being a Baseball Grandma takes more time then I thought it would and I love it. I promised my grandson I would be there for every single game. I will share pictures soon. Today we are going to talk about saving space in your home.

As you can see from the picture above, I have alot of DVDs. Yes, I am still holding on to that technology. My movie love was taking over. The drawer was full and I had ran out of space, plus all of those plastic cases were driving me a little crazy. I decided to put them in a CD case like I have in my car. I needed A Big One.

Saving Space

I went to my local Walmart because it was the only place I could find one. I looked at other stores first. I wished I had taken more pictures, but I was on a roll taking those DVDs out of their plastic cases and putting them in their new home. The plastic DVD cases I took to recycling

New Home

So here they are, all 104 of them and I have gone from a full drawer to this one case. What a space saver.

Vintage Linens

I put my Vintage Linens in the drawer and love when I open the drawer now.

That is all for today. Next time, I am going to share about making your own pancake mix. Have a Fabulous Day.