This is Not my garden but a vision of what I want my garden to look like by the end of this summer. At the moment I am living with the vision of the last owner of my home. It is beautiful with roses, penstemon, azaleas and violas, but I want more. I want what looks like a random garden but with a plan. I want more flowers I can cut and bring indoors to put into vases. I want more culinary herbs to snip to add to recipes. I want some medicinal herbs so I can try the recipes I have from my Grandmother Winnie. She made salves, oils and tinctures and I dream of recreating those. I want full, lush and no visible dirt.

Yesterday as I was driving to a friend’s house, I noticed forsythia and flowering quince. They are now on my list. One forsythia in the back by the shed to draw your eye into and all the way to the end of the garden.  At first I was thinking 2 flowering quince, but as I was looking out the window this morning, I think I need three. I am going to be adding honeysuckle to the fence.

This is just the beginning and just the plans for my biggest flower bed. I want to start today but it is cold, cloudy and a little drizzly.  By the weekend, it is suppose to be in the 70s so for now I am dreaming and planning.  I know, random gardening with a plan doesn’t sound right but it is my dream.

Have a Fabulous Day!

Corra do Anois;


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