Earth Day 2015 is next week.  Totally unrelated to it being Earth Day, I recently watched a couple of documentaries which really have me thinking about my habits as a consumer. The first movie, my daughter recommended to me and insisted I watch. Plastic Paradise: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was a big eye opener. There are so many things I was so unaware of about plastic. I am having trouble understand how I could be the age I am and be so uninformed about this subject. The second movie was recommended to me by Netflix because I had watched the first one. Addicted to Plastic  was about the same subject but had more information about what we, as individuals,  can do and about what others (including some big name companies) are doing to help with the problem. I have been doing alot of reading this week, some of the facts I have found out are horrific. I am also finding more than I can do to make a one person dent in this problem.

My daughter and I have been doing alot of talking about this problem of plastic and the effects it is having on the world we are leaving her son and my grandchildren. We plan on making some big changes. As we change the products we use and our methods of doing things, I will be sharing them with you.


The first change I am making is to make my own reusable dryer sheets. I did some reading on the internet  and, of course, on Pinterest. I found this article by Krista at Far From Normal about making your own reusable dryer sheets.  Since I have flannel, vinegar, and lavender oil. This is a perfect one to start my changes with. I have tried it out for a few loads of laundry and am making my daughter, her own set. I still need to talk to my younger daughter and see if she is jumping on the bandwagon with us.

Next I am going to try making my laundry detergent. Think about all the plastic laundry detergent bottles we have all thrown away that are going to be living in landfills or in the ocean FOREVER.  I am also thinking about all the money we can save.


 Today, I found a website which makes perfect sense in this fight against plastic. We all are aware take-out containers, drink cups (cold as well as hot), lids, straws, utensils and other things I have failed to mention are All Made Of Plastic. When we are finished with them and throw them away, to the landfills they go, to live forever. I already have a bag in my car with supplies I gathered from around the house to take with us so we can Refuse Plastic Containers when we go out to eat.

Would you join me to help save this planet for our children and grandchildren. It is not as hard as it sounds. At My Plastic Free Life, Beth Terry has a great list of 100 steps to a Plastic Free Life.   No one individual is going to fix this problem, but many of us banded together can make a different.

I will be sharing more in the future, as I travel this journey. If you would like to follow along, please subscribe below.

Corra do Anois (Bye for now)


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