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Good Morning, Sweeties…I Love Vintage Hankies!!   Not just hankies, but pillowcases, tablecloths and anything vintage. I have an Etsy shop: VintageBeckyM. It really started by accident. Dolly, my daughter, found a website she wanted me to check out. It was Etsy. I was trying to favor a shop and so I clicked on a button. I was asked to register, that seemed OK.  So I was in the process. One of the questions was my shop name. I thought I had to have a name so I just made something up. VintageBeckyM was the first thing to come to my mind.

floral doily

It wasn’t until later when I was talking to Dolly and telling her about my experience, I learned I actually had set up a shop on Etsy. It sat empty and ignored for a few months. One day, I was thinking about what I would be doing after retirement and decided maybe I could give this Etsy thing a try. I listed one product.  About a month later, another product. Then God intervened and someone gave me boxes of vintage linens, hankies, tablecloth and dresser scarves.  More things than i could keep or ever use and So VintageBeckyM was really born.

Vintage Hanky Red Flowers

The shop has become a passion for all things vintage or for things made from the patterns I inherited from my grandmother, Sophia Winifred Morgan Doran. She sewed, crocheted, embroidered, made ceramics, gardened, painted with tri chem (remember that??) and taught me to love all things vintage and crafty.

If you are looking for vintage linens or things with a vintage flair, please stop by VintageBeckyM and give us a visit.

Have a Fabulous Day!!

Corra do anois (Bye for Now)


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