Finished Limoncello
Finished Limoncello

Good Morning, Sweeties…I know I have been absent for awhile…I am having some vision problems and until things are fixed…I may be missing sometimes. It is time to finish the Limoncello we started last month. Today I drained the vodka off of the lemon peels into 2 bottles. There is 2 3/4 cups in each bottle. To the vodka, I added 2/3 cups simple syrup. ( I made the simple syrup by mixing 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water and heated until the sugar was all dissolved, then I cooled to room temp.)

making simple syrup
Making Simple Syrup

lemon peels steeped in vodka

As I poured the vodka off the lemon peels, there was a wonderful lemony aroma. I admit, at 2:30 in the afternoon, I just had to taste the vodka. It was delicious, so lemon flavored. I think one month was the perfect amount of time to let the lemon peels steep in the vodka.  I also admit, I tasted the Limoncello once I mixed in the simple syrup. It was wonderful, but will be so much better once it is very chilled.

In case, you missed the first part of this lesson on making Limoncello, click here for step one. I hope you do try making your own. It is easy, fun and you know exactly what is in it because you did it yourself.

 I have some exciting things coming up. I am still painting thrift shop finds to share with you, working on some weight watcher wednesday recipes and working hard on reducing the plastics I use. I have been reading a lot on some wonderful blogs and learning more and more each day. The more I learn, the more decisions on how I want to live come up. It is going to be a hard, but interesting and fulfilling journey.  That is all for today. Have a Fabulous Day!

God Bless You and Yours;