sweeper and mopper


Good Morning, Sweeties…. How is everyone this morning? I am doing great here on Shady Tree Lane. I have been busy whipped up a few goodies in my quest to live more plastic free. Something I have found out is once you start learning about plastics; you learn more about chemicals as well and begin to want to rid your home of them also.

I will admit I love my Swiffer. It is the perfect tool to easily clean my floors. It is easy for me to use with my arthritis and fibromyalgia. What I do not love about the Swiffer is the disposable products you need. Buying, using and then throwing away all those sweeper and mop pads has always bothered me, so it was a easy choice to replace them first.

I plan on using the plastic container the mop pads come in for as long as possible before I store them in something else. I have decided the plastic bottles and containers I have I will use them to their death. I found glass spray bottles on Etsy I will replace plastic spray bottles with when the time comes.

I made sweeper pads first. They were so easy. I told a flannel sheet I got at the thrift store and used the last pad I for a pattern. I cut out 20 pads, 10 for me and 10 for my daughter. Using my serger (you can use the zigzag stitch on your machine), I serged around the edges so they would not fray when I wash them. All done. diy floor sweeper

Then I made the mop pads. I used the same size for the mop pad I used for the sweeper pad. I cut two for each pad. I cut 40 this time, again making 10 for me and 10 for my daughter. I think 10 is a good number. Her home is larger than mine, with hardwood floors so she is going to use more pads than I am.


I folded one pad into thirds and pinned it to the center of the second pad. Then I stitched around the outside of the middle of the smaller pad and down the middle, so it will not bunch up when I wash it.

middle pad


I serged around the outside of these pads as well. Now when it is time to do the floors, I use the pads and when done, throw them in the wash. They are working great and I wish I had thought of this ages a ago. At the moment, I am using vinegar, I steeped orange peels in for a cleaner and it is working well. I need to do some research on a chemical free floor cleaner.  If you have any questions, please ask.

I am thinking about replacing my Swiffer dusters next. What product do you wish you could replace with something greener and better for your family? Have a Fabulous Day!