Good Morning, Sweeties…. Todays is April 1st, April Fool’s Day. It is also the beginning of Lawn and Garden Month. I am hoping that wherever you may be, you are having great weather and thinking about your lawn and garden.

I have been thinking about my lawn and garden for months now, even when the weather was cold and drab. I have one flower bed that is pretty shady and so far the only thing that likes to grow there is violas. I bought a flat of violas this weekend and filled the bed with them. It is beautiful. Later in the season, I am thinking of trying a climbing “Blaze’ rose here with a trellis. I will let you know when I decide.

Celebrate Lawn and Garden Month by planting something, even if it just a herb in a pot on the windowsill. It will brighten your home and your heart. Have a Fabulous Day.

What are your garden plans? Please share what is happening in your garden? I love to hear from you! If you like what you read and don’t want to miss anything, please subscribe.

Corra do Anois;



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photo credit: Leopard's bane brightens the scene via photopin (license)