Good Morning, Sweeties….. We are a few days away from Cinco de Mayo, so I thought I would go with that theme for Weight Watchers Wednesday. I love Fajitas…steak, chicken, pork or doesn’t matter. I Love Fajitas.  The recipe I chose for today from Skinnytaste is  Gina’s Skinny Chicken Fajitas.

This recipe is so tasty. The chicken comes out moist, tender and with lots of flavor. Peppers and onions delicious and when you combine everything with a little fat-free sour cream, it is heavenly. Sometimes I add a little chopped fresh radish to it for some crunchiness.

I had planned to making this on the grill, but this is Northern Nevada and the wind came up. I thought it safer to make it in the house. I heated up the electric grill and put the veggies in a skillet. Don’t you love the smell of peppers and onions cooking?

Believe when I tell you, this is one recipe you must try. It is so good. Spring weather has arrived in Northern Nevada and I am hoping  it stays around. I ate dinner out on the front porch and watched the birds play in the birdbath. Life is so good!

God Bless You and Yours;