Good Morning, Sweeties…. This is my one and only granddaughter and the unfinished project I am working on now is a red sweater for her. I have never crocheted a sweater before, so I have learned new skills. I am working on the sleeves and am a little frustrated. I believe once I get the sweater finished, I will be happy with it and will make another.


The scarf I was working on in the last update is now finished. It was a simple pattern I made up as I went. I chained 27, single crocheted in the second chain from hook and single crocheted across (25 stitches).

Next I chained 3 at the end of the single crochet row and double crocheted a row. I alternately back and forth until it was the length I thought looked good.

I have been doing some organizing around the house, mainly papers. I used the article from A Bowl Full of Lemons to help me. I needed to take a break from crocheting for a few days because I had tendonitis in my elbow. Things are better now, so I am back to crocheting.

I finished the scarf I was working on in the last update and now, I am working on a sweater I started for my granddaughter, Lilly. When it is finished, in a couple of days, I will be working on a present for a sweet couple I love. No pictures of it until after I have mailed it to them.

More than just the crochet projects are screaming my name. So I am going to create a schedule for working on all the unfinished projects.  Monday and Fridays, I will work on the crochet projects. Tuesday and Saturdays on the Sewing Projects. Wednesday and Sundays on a project for my daughters. (Details when it is finished). and on Thursday, I will be doing Embroidery projects.

I am also working on a schedule so I can work and accomplish in several areas of my live. This Blog, Vintage Market projects, my Etsy Shop and keeping up with social media and email.

What are you working on?? Is it sunny, snowy or just plain cold where you are?

Corra do Anois (Bye for Now)