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Good Morning, Friends…Beautiful Monday to all of you.

Cancer Sucks….

Sorry to be so direct and bold, but it does. My sister was recently diagnosed with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called Follicular Cancer. She is “lucky” (the doctor’s words) in that it is a very slow growing cancer with few symptoms. It was found during a routine mammogram. See how important they are. She wasn’t having symptoms, is feeling fine except for being tired.

What they found were swollen lymph nodes under her arm. With more tests, they also found swollen lymph nodes in her stomach and thigh. She had a biopsy and that is when they identified it as Follicular Cancer.

Follicular Cancer is not very well known. I went hunting for information and what I found disturbed me. It is kind of on the bottom of the research chain. It is lumped in with other lesser known cancers. It has no fundraisers, no runs for a cure, not even its own awareness color .

Guardian Angel

The reason this disturbs me is because Now My Sister has it and I want a Cure.  I have always participated in cancer and disease events, made ribbons for all kinds of causes, so it feels wrong for me to focus on just one. Yes, it is personally to me but it is personally for everyone with a family member facing this fight. 

When we were talking about how unknown Follicular cancer is, we also talked about how there were no awareness anything for this particular cancer. We know she is not the only one with it and because we wanted to raise awareness, I knew I needed to do something. At this same time (I mean on the very day, we were waiting for the biopsy results) God sent me an angel by way of a custom order and because of that special request…….

Guardian Angels were Born. My Sister loves and collects Angels, so what better? God is so Good.

Breast Cancer Awareness Angel

Guardian Angels

I have added four Angels to my Etsy Shop, VintageBeckyM.  I will be adding more as soon as I can. I am working night and day. I will be adding other awareness products to my shop as time and ideas come. I wish we could Cure All Cancers and Diseases. That is my prayer. 

The Angels are made from Vintage hankies and the wings from vintage linens. I do custom orders, Just Ask.

10% of all sales (not just the angels) will be donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are working to find that cure.


What Else is Happening on Shady Tree Lane

The weather is cooler which makes me want to play in the kitchen. I have some new green DIY cleaners coming up to share with you, some sewing projects and some great recipes. I am going to start doing Weight Watcher Wednesdays again, but I am thinking just once a month. What do you think?  I would love to know what you thoughts.

If you have any questions, Do not hesitate to ask.

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Have a Wonderful Day. Be Kind to One Another and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.


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